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La cabra tira al monte
Sara Benito Spanish architect although would love to be a Chilean activist, she’s about to succeed.
Pablo Arriaza Financial hero, doesn’t miss a single number. Also known for being a big fan of black humor.
Fran Lucero The team’s youngest architect, she claims to be the favorite of the workers to make site visits.
Ignacio Pizarro Architect with the look an architect but without the haughtiness of the architects. Distinguished by his jacket’s collection.
Juliette Frey Lawyer and official blond at the office, she’s in charge of international expansion, when she’s done with the whole world she’ll open office at the moon.
Luis Salazar Disguises his northern Spain’s origin with a soft Andalusian accent. He’s an architect although his real passion is to suffer while supporting Barça football club.
Julián Roberto He’s sure about being an architect but hasn’t made up his mind whether he is a Chilenian, Argentinean or Spanish one. His Argentinean “empanadas” give him away.
Jorge Galeano Civil engineer, this allows him to always find the shortest way.
Richard Bustos His professional welder title is too short to describe him. He left Barcelona and Spain entered the crisis.
Ángela Monterrosa Multi-task woman, she combines engineering and motherhood with astonishing ease.
Raquel Izurzu Left her little village in Navarra with a “chistorra” under her arm in order to conquer us from the heart of “Chueca”.
Loretxu García Journalist by accident, she aspires to become the first non architect woman to receive the Pritzker Price.
Claudia Morel Chief of the architects in Chile’s office, she also plays the role of mother in her free time.
Ronald Sánchez Not only the man of acquisitions but a warm hearted guy too.
Mauricio Galeano His silhouette gives him away as a great Colombian architect and a Madrid lover. Partner in crime.
Without knowing why he decided at the age of six to become an architect, so far he doesn’t regret it. Partner in crime. Jaime Gaztelu

James&Mau is an international architecture firm based in Madrid that brings together the expertise in several areas such as architecture, construction and real estate development in order to offer a full service support for the development of the projects both for individuals and enterprises.

The company is widely experienced in design, work on-site and building permits, with a strong focus on modular industrialized architecture and construction, applying bioclimatic and sustainable concepts.

One of the added values of James&Mau is its international profile with a strong knowledge of Latin American market, especially of Chile and Colombia where it has its offices. The firm aims to position itself as a platform for European investors overseas.

James&Mau was founded in 2007 by Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano, and in turn, participates in Infiniski, company dedicated to modular and sustainable construction very much concerned with a high quality design, fast execution and budget accuracy.

Agustín Durán Lofts All identical/All different.
Duplex Santa Engracia A single family house on an urban rooftop.
Loft 60 "Jaima" A house inside of a huge green "Jaima".
Condominio Viña Houses+Apartaments: 2 in 1
Menta House "A Class" Infiniski customization.
Infiniski Manifesto House "It is not because of climate change. It’s because I was never able...
Estado Puro Prado Redefining Spain’s typical heritage through food and architecture.
Eccola KitchenBar Disguising the space.
Loft 30 Surf "Surfing" prototype of Inifinski.
Elizondo House "13, Barnacle Street": Portrait of a peculiar family.
El Tiemblo House Democratic luxury.
Curacaví House "It is not because of climate change. It’s because I was never able...
San Vicente Ferrer Contemporary mimesis in a historical background.
Estado Puro Tepa Estado Puro II creates a brand: reinventing the "typical Spanish".
The Box Lipe Tailandia The "Cloud" on the client´s service.
Elite Gourmet Sophistication and flavours of the Earth, brought together under...
Otazu Wine Cellars "Underground" cellars.
Emporio Delicatessen Branding architecture canned in containers.
Avvocato Pentito Chorizo is cut in slices.
Gutiérrez Penthouse Construction in the "inherited space".
Tarifa House Implosion of an Andalusian "pueblo", converted into a modern "cortijo".
Liberata Multiplication of the space.
Salon Millésime Creating a brand with light and magic.
Oportunidades de negocio en el sector inmobiliario

A través de su red James&Mau actúa como plataforma para canalizar inversión hacia proyectos inmobiliarios en España, Chile y Colombia.

Con equipos de trabajo consolidados en cada país, un grupo de asesores en diferentes áreas y la fuerza de nuestros asociados, el estudio tiene la capacidad de ofrecer a inversores del sector toda la cobertura y seguridad necesarias para el éxito de nuestros proyectos inmobiliarios.

  • · Búsqueda de negocios
  • · Ubicaciones privilegiadas de terrenos
  • · Plan de viabilidad económica del proyecto
  • · Consecución de licencias
  • · Estrategias de marketing y comunicación
  • · Gestión y gerencia de los proyectos

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